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ROMES Releases New Video


ROMES have released the official music video for single "Tryna Be" today.

ROMES have released the official music video for single "Tryna Be" today. The video explores the contrast between real life and life you portray to others via social media. "Tryna Be" first appeared on the band's acclaimed debut EP, Believe, and will also be featured on ROMES' upcoming debut full-length album, out later this year.

The band explains, "In today's social media obsessed world, glorifying looks and appearances, so many of us hide our true colours. We wanted to make a video that took a different spin on the song's main lyric ''who are you tryna be?'', emphasizing the current social media addiction our society has developed, and its obsession in being perceived in a certain light. The woman in the video represents how social media has, to a great extent, become a platform for people to present a curated version of themselves, hiding their quirks and the many aspects that make them a truly unique individual."

The two parts Irish, two parts Canadian alt-pop band have released a string of content from their upcoming album - including "Someone" and "Deja Vu," and most recently, "In The Wild". Their debut full-length comes after the success of their impressive 2016 debut EP Believe, which garnered support from Neon Gold, Noisey, The Guardian + more.

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