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Parade of Lights Releases New EP


Parade of Lights have released their brand new five-track EP, "Human Condition Part 1"

Los Angeles alternative rock band Parade of Lights have released their brand new five-track EP Human Condition Part 1.

Coinciding with the release, the EP’s single “Inside My Head” is featured on the second season of the hit NETFLIX series 13 Reasons Why which premieres today. Additionally, an exclusive new song “Tangled Up” is included on the series’ corresponding soundtrack alongside artists such as Selena Gomez, OneRepublic, Years & Years, and more.

The band first heralded Human Condition Part 1 with the leadoff track “Tidal Waves.” A rush of hyper-charged choruses and glistening instrumentation, this anthem attracted widespread critical acclaim right out of the gate. Paste called it, “a song that’s sure to put a smile on your face,” while Buzzbands.LA wrote, “It’s a pulse-pounding bit of shoegazing that reminds you there’s a rock band at work—one who can find just the right dynamic balance and still deliver a whopper of a chorus.” From the sunny swing of “Human Condition” to the passion of “Touch,” the EP showcases the scope of Parade of Lights’ sonic spectrum.

Human Condition Part 1 Tracklist:
1. Tidal Waves
2. Inside My Head
3. Victorious
4. Human Condition
5. Touch

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