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MGMT Drops Little Dark Age


MGMT have released their new album, "Little Dark Age." It's the band's fourth studio effort.

MGMT have released their new album Little Dark Age. The album, their fourth studio effort, was produced by Patrick Wimberly and Dave Fridmann. It features guest appearances by Connan Mockasin and Ariel Pink.

The band also debuted their new video for "Me And Michael" earlier this week.

In the new clip, directed by Joey Frank and Randy Maitland, MGMT gets so into a song by Filipino band True Faith that they decide to plagiarize it and record it for themselves. The song becomes a hit, but when the inevitable theft accusations come, things start going in a less positive direction.

True Faith actually recorded the "original" version of the song, "Ako at si Michael," in real life, and they released a video for it for the sake of this MGMT music video.

According to an interview in Q Magazine, the new track is inspired by the band's "shared love of European synth-pop," and the original refrain was written as "me and my girl" before vocalist Andrew VanWyngarden decided it was too boring and changed it to "me and Michael."

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