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Meet Them Evils - Riff-Based Rock and Roll


Sleazy rock 'n' roll: Dirty riffs, dirty lyrics, and attitude.

Southern California band Them Evils has a swell of buzz right now thanks to the band’s latest single, “Got Me Rockin’.” The band, which has received critical acclaim since their inception is building up to something special. Alternative Addiction talked with Them Evils frontman Jordan Griffin about the band’s latest single and them receiving a shout out from Zak Wylde.


“Them Evils. They’re just a bunch of young guys and it’s all riff-based music.

“I was so glad, because when you listen to a lot of new music it’s not really riff-driven, you know, with riffs like Cream, like ‘Sunshine of Your Love,’ or Sabbath, where everything’s based around a riff, and Zeppelin and stuff like that.

“It’s weird, it’s kind of like a lost art or people are just not into that. So, when you hear a younger bunch of artists that are into blues or into riffs, it’s just kind of like, ‘Oh wow.’ Just like the old saying, ‘Everything that’s old is new again’ – it’s been gone for so long, it’s almost like, ‘Wow, what’s that?'”

“When the interview he did came out, I was taken aback,” said Griffin about getting the shout out from Wylde. “I’m still speechless about it. He said he likes our band and he likes our riffs and that we’re doing things the right way. That was really awesome to hear.”

Speaking of riffs, the band’s new single “Got Me’ Rockin’” is about as riff-based as it gets and it has a huge blues guitar riff in it too. That’s where the song started according to Griffin.

“The chorus riff was a riff that I had that I’d always do while we were warming up. I’d always throw some octave and fuzz on it. I always thought it needed to be in a song. When we got in the studio we wrote the rest of the music around it. We all organically came up with the lyrics together with Kato.”

By Kato, Griffin means producer Kato Khandwala. Kato produced the band’s latest single and their upcoming EP that will be released in May.

“We feel like this music embodies the feel and the vibe that we want this band to go. There’s a classic rock feel to this with a modern roll. We’re super proud of this,” said Griffin of the music they’re releasing next month.

The EP release is huge for the band, but they’ve also got a big summer too. They’ll be playing Welcome to Rockville, Carolina Rebellion and Rock on the Range – that’s an awesome lineup of festivals for a young band to get on. Griffin’s ecstatic about the opportunity – especially getting to be on the same bill as Alice in Chains.

“I’m stoked. My favorite band of all time is Alice in Chains. The fact that we’re sharing the stage with those guys blows my mind. Hopefully there’s an off-chance that he’s walking through the festival and he hears us and goes, “that’s bad ass – let’s go check that out.’” – aa.

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