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Hawthorne Heights Ready New EP

Hawthorne Heights have announced the launch of their own imprint label, Cardboard Empire, which they will self-release an upcoming series of new EPs. The first, Hate, will be released on Aug 23.

Dayton, OH rock band Hawthorne Heights announce the launch of their own imprint record label, Cardboard Empire, on which they will self-release an upcoming series of new EPs. The first in a planned series of three EPs, Hate, will be released on August 23 and is now available for pre-order on

“Four White Walls,” the first release from the Hate EP will be premiering on this Friday, August 12. The group also plans to release a music video for each track off Hate, the first for the song, “Is This What You Wanted?” 

Hate will be available in digital format via all online retailers and limited edition physical copies of the disc will be sold exclusively at shows and through the band’s webstore. Pre-sale bundles are now available at, the most limited of which include a “golden ticket” with the purchaser’s name on it that will allow them to see any Hawthorne Heights show in any city for life.

Hawthorne Heights will tour in support of Hate starting later this month. The “You Are Not Alone Tour,” with fellow Dayton, OH band, ViFolly and local openers in each market, will kick off August 20th in Buffalo, NY. Each ticket will be priced in the $10-$12 range. You can also find tour dates on the band’s Facebook page:

“We're constantly striving to give back to our fans whenever possible,” says drummer Eron Bucciarelli. “As part of our appreciation, we're going to be playing songs from all five albums including several songs we haven't played in over five years. We want to do our part to foster local music scenes by having local support bands. The next big thing could be from your home town, so don’t just come out to support us, come out to support the music scene in general.”

Hawthorne Heights have been through numerous record label upsets throughout their prolific eight-year-long career, having departed from the roster of Victory Record several years ago and mutually departing from Wind-Up Records earlier this year. The band has overcome insurmountable odds, including the death of a bandmate, guitarist Casey Calvert, and the death of a manager. The band, which is now self-managed, hopes to use their past experiences to shape a viable future in the ever-changing music industry.

“We have been a group of friends in this band for so long because we appreciate each other's hard work,” says singer/guitarist JT Woodruff. “We have decided to push ourselves even further by becoming 100 percent independent. I think that we have grown kind of weary of letting outsiders push their agendas onto us. In the new technological age, we would rather embrace progress, instead of acting like the industry is broken. Musicianship is stronger than ever across the board of all genres. What has grown tired and weak is the way the business men try to sell it.”

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