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Fond of Rudy Release New Single, "L O V E"


Fond of Rudy have released a new single, "L O V E" - a sweetened cut of down-tempo alternative pop.

Fond of Rudy have released another new single. Following up their last release, “OMG!”, the band continues with their latest single, “L O V E,” a sweetened cut of down-tempo alternative pop that combines 80s motifs and reflective lyrics into Fond of Rudy’s own distinctive sound.

The song is decidedly more downtempo than what we’re used to hearing from Fond of Rudy. Regarding the new single, the band says:

”The track represents our take on a modern slow jam. It’s packed full of lust and emotion… tuning in to that persona of missing opportunities out of fear.”

Check out the song below and the tour dates below too.
July 30th - Carfest North 2017, Chester
August 10th - The Good Ship, Kilburn
August 13th - Concrete Space, Shoreditch W/ Avec Sans
August 25th - Carfest South 2017, Basingstoke

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