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Every Avenue Ready 'Bad Habits'


Midwest rockers Every Avenue have set an Aug 2nd release date for their new album, titled "Bad Habits." AA recently talked with lead singer David Strauchman about recording the new album.

Midwest rockers Every Avenue have set an August 2nd release date for their next album, titled “Bad Habits.”  During an interview this week, lead singer David Strauchman told Alternative Addiction that the recording process for the band’s new album was a sharp contrast to their previous release.

“There was a lot more control on this album,” explained Strauchman.  “We really did what we wanted to do and made a pretty rock ‘n roll record.  The ball was always moving and it was really comforting just to know what’s going on.”

As for writing the album, Strauchman says he took a more natural approach.  Instead of trying to make the songs fit into a certain style or sound, he simply wrote on whatever inspired him.

“I just wrote whatever the hell came out of my head and make it sound like us,” Strauchman explained.  “Sometimes we ended up with a song that sounded too Country or too poppy, but it was just fun, there was no stress that way.”

“Bad Habits” is a follow up to the band’s Hopeless Records debut album “Picture Perfect” which was release in 2009.  The band is also featured on the 2011 Vans Warped Tour.

Listen To Alternative Addiction's Interview with Every Avenue

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