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Dead By Dawn: Just Scratching the Surface


Recently, we spoke with Jeremy Lucky from Dead By Dawn about the band’s influences and how they’re just getting started.

Louisiana band Dead By Dawn is an up and coming act out of Monroe. The band, started by Jeremy Lucky has a self-titled EP out now and the band shows off some serious potential with the four songs on the set. Recently, we spoke with Lucky about Dead By Dawn about the band’s influences and how they’re just getting started.

“We’ve all played locally in other projects for a while now,” said Lucky about the band forming. “I took a break away from music and I missed it, our bass player Christian did too. The other two guys were playing in a band that was just kind of trailing off, and we all got together organically. The timing of everything just worked out. These are the guys I want to play with and I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of what we can achieve together.”

If you listen through the band’s EP, it’s all over the place stylistically. There’s not a song out of the four that sounds like the other one and the four-song set covers multiple sub genres of rock music to create a crazy brew of eclectic rock music.

“That’s what we’re going for,” noted Jeremy. “My favorite era of music is the 90’s. Everything in that decade. Everything was better then. A lot of bands coming out now have taken roots from that, but they didn’t plan on it. It just happened. That’s cool, but then a lot of the music now gets over-processed. We wanted to get back and make music from the heart. Wherever it takes us is where it takes us. We go across a few different styles on this EP and in general. We don’t try to get pegged down to just one category.”
So, how did this unique style get started? Lucky didn’t say exactly but he did tell us how the band wrote the first batch of songs, explaining that they’ve got the potential to do even more with the talent that the lineup has.

“So far, every song we’ve performed is something I’ve wrote. Everybody else chops it up after I bring it in. Christian fine-tunes everything and produces everything after everybody provides input. That’s why I say that we haven’t scratched the surface of what we can do yet, because none of the other guys have written music for the band yet and they’re all phenomenal song writers. Our drummer was the lead singer for his previous band. He hasn’t touched any of the music yet, it’s the same thing with our other guitarist – he’s a great song writer. Christian has fine tuned the stuff, but he hasn’t started anything yet and he can do that too.”

Dead By Dawn is Jeremy Lucky, Jody Winn, Christian Hanna, and Joshua Clark. You can find out more about the band at

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