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Cartel Comes Out Of Bubble On New Album

It was easily one of the strangest promotions in recent memory, when Cartel literally entered a giant bubble this past summer to record the sophomore album. We had a chance to talk with the band's drummer Kevin Sanders and figure out what this strange promotion was all about.

In an all-out media onslaught Cartel recorded their second album, a self titled album, for Epic in a bubble, literally. The band collaborated with Dr. Pepper and MTV to give fans a never before seen look at the making of an album. The project was a big success for MTV and a huge promotion for Dr. Pepper, but the big question is how has it fared for Cartel?

Although they might have lost a little bit of credibility in some circles for the project, it was never about finding a gimmick to release another album with.  The band was approached about it and jumped on all of the free publicity. In a recent interview with Alternative Addiction, Cartel drummer Kevin Sanders talked about the “bubble.”

If you ever wondered who would come up with such a concept, Sanders has your answer; “I think it started with Dr. Pepper’s idea and then they went to Epic and then they came to us.  And it was this whole ridiculous project. We talked it over and were like, ‘sure we’ll do it.’”

When talking about the pros with all of the publicity and stuff Sanders said, “The show itself and even using the word bubble is kind of ridiculous, [and] we totally understand the pros and cons of this project are absolutely insane.”
The bottom line is Cartel saw a once in a lifetime opportunity to take advantage of a very unique promotion.

“If you take away the bubble side of it and just look at the promotion itself, that’s the kind of promotion which, one, would cost a tremendous amount of  money, and two, no label could afford to do that for one band. It’s an amazing opportunity to have a lot of people work at your band, and very quickly. “

The result is a very impressive sophomore album, check out Alternative Addiction’s review of the album here.

Did it hurt the band’s credibility doing the promotion, or did it help gain new fans for the band?  Nobody will know for a few months now, but the experience brought the band even closer than they already were.

“We were recording the record, but when we weren’t doing that we were just hanging out. There’s only so much you can do so you get creative with your friends doing anything to pass the time. “

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