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Caesar Scarlotti of Zero Theorem Talks New EP


Zero-Theorem, an L.A.-based hard rock act featuring Caesar Scarlotti talked with Alternative Addiction about the band's new EP.

Zero Theorem, an L.A.-based hard rock act featuring Caesar Scarlotti on vocals just released their EP, Ataraxis and already they’re showing some serious potential as a mainstay in the genre. The EP, produced by Kane Churko, shows off the band’s range and skills. Alternative Addiction recently talked with Caesar about how the band got started with his cousin Joe Scarlotti and what getting to work with Churko was like.

“We sent individual files to each other,” said Caesar of how he and Joe started Zero Theorem. “I was in Chicago and he was in L.A. I ended up coming to Los Angeles because we thought we had something. Then we put the rest of the band together with Joe being more of a background/business influence on things. He’s not going to be with us live, but he’s a heavy part of things behind the scenes.”

Working with somebody you’ve known for a while, helps things out on the chemistry front, but there’s a difference between finding that spark once during a session and being able to hold onto it for months. Caesar did that when he was putting these songs together with Joe. Asking Caesar about how he knew that he had something with Zero Theorem, he simply said that experience is one of the best aids you can have for judgement on a project.

“I’ve been playing in bands in the alternative, rock, and metal genres for a long time. Since I’ve been doing that, I tend to know what’s better than your average song. As we were working on our craft and writing these songs, this project started morphing into something that got us excited about what we were doing,” added the vocalist.

Although the EP just came out, the lead single from the EP, “Area”, has been out since late last year. It’s badass track that fans of rock will jump into right away. Featuring some impressive drums from Jake Hayden, some solid guitar work, and of course some outstanding vocals from Caesar, the song is the best intro possible for Zero Theorem. Talking with Caesar about the song and writing it, he shared how it started and why it reflects the band’s talent so well.

“Lyrically, that song reflects the importance of a person’s identity and their will to get the things done that they want to do. Every time you get into a demanding situation, that changes you and you carry it with you. There’s all types of songs on this EP, but that song put our best foot forward.”
“It was something Joe and I came up with early-on. Joe sent me a guitar part and I wrote vocals over it. From there, we built it up and brought it into the studio with Kane. That was one of the first songs we did with Kane, we were excited about how it turned it out,” added Scarlotti.

Talking about working with Churko, Caesar talked about how much he enjoyed it. Churko’s a talented guy, and notably – you can hear his finger prints on pretty much every record when he produces. He brings out the best in his bands and he did that with Zero Theorem here remarkably well.

“It’s one of the highlights of our early career,” said Scarloti on working with Churko. “He’s talented and he made us better songwriters. He does an excellent job of getting you to play to your strengths while making you better in other areas. We feel like he brought the EP to the next level, and we’re excited about it.”- AA

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