Bush Drop "Lost In You" Video


Bush have offered up their new video for the track "Lost In You."

Bush have offered up their new video for the track "Lost In You." The track is from the band's current release Black and White Rainbows and it follows their 2014 release Man On The Run. The album was entirely written, recorded and produced by Gavin Rossdale.

"'Lost In You' is a song about the cycle of love and the danger of patterns and how true love is to lose yourself in someone. The video chronicles a relationship that is beautiful and wide until the cracks appear and the question is how strong is the love and do we make it back?" he said of the track.

He adds of the album:

"It's really about the chrysalis stage of a butterfly. It's about starting fresh. It's about the dark before the light. It's a really transitional record. I made sure it's by no means a breakup record. It's really about the possibility of life and what's happening there. It's very exciting. It's about all the positive sides of life when you've had everything sort of going backwards when the buildings falling down and you have the flat level of land and you build your house and your world and your life and your family back up. That's what I've done that's what I'm doing every day. That's even what I'm doing on this call."

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