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Bowling For Soup Ready New Album

Bowling For Soup is hard at work recording their much anticipated next album. In an exclusive interview with Alternative Addiction, lead singer Jaret Reddick talked about the anticipated new album that he says should be out in June.

Bowling For Soup is hard at work recording their much anticipated next album, after lead singer Jaret Reddick spent over a year and a half writing it.

“It’s been a little bit more of a drawn out process because there hasn’t been any pressure to get it done,” Reddick told Alternative Addiction of the band's recording process.

The lack of pressure gave Reddick the time to write over 60 songs, 24 of which are being considered for the album.

“I sort of have this place I go to, and once I get to that place, I sort of get on a roll,” said Reddick of his writing process.  “I sort of still write about the same relationships and things that I have wrote about all these years, except my perspective on it has changed a little bit because I’m a little older and more mature.”

Even if Reddick’s lyrics come from a more mature perspective, that doesn’t mean that he’s changed from the comedic and sometimes whacky writing style that make Bowling For Soup’s songs so unique an enjoyable.  According to Reddick, his knack for writing those great songs has never been stronger.

“I don’t know, and its not something that I take for granted, to be honest.  For me, it just sort happens,” explained Reddick about his unique lyrics.  “There is a little process that I go through, I start with just a line, sometimes I start with an entire concept, and I just try to change it up as much as I can.”

Reddick says this album is one of the best he’s written to date, and is looking forward to giving fans a chance to hear the new songs.

“I’m definitely excited about this album because there are songs that I have taken it to the next level, both from the serious side and the funny side,” said Reddick.  “We really do believe it’s the best record we have ever done, and of course you are supposed to say that, and we always do, but I don’t think we really thought that last time, but we definitely do this time.”

Reddick is equally proud of the serious songs he wrote for the new album.  He says he actually struggled for a long time to show his serious side in his songwriting.

“I was always kinda of afraid to show my serious side when writing,” Reddick explained. “I was afraid people wouldn’t care, that they just wanted me to make them laugh, and you want to deliver what people want to hear.”

That all changed with the success of the band’s song When We Die, that was really the first serious single that the band ever released.  To Reddick’s surprise the song was a hit, and remains a fan favorite even today.

“[When We Die] being so well received kind of opened the flood gates for me to be able to explore some more serious things.”

No time table has been set yet for the band’s release, but Reddick says fans should expect to see the album in stores in June.

“We have a lot of work to do between now and then, but its exciting stuff for us.”

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