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All-American Rejects Fight Struggles For New Album

Unlike their previous release, All-American Rejects guitarist Mike Kennerty said that the band's recording sessions for their upcoming new album were much more of a struggle due to "doubt that the band put on themselves."

Unlike the band's previous release, All American Rejects' guitarist Mike Kennerty said that the band's recording sessions for their new album, When The World Comes Down, were much more of a struggle due to the doubts that the band put upon themselves.

"The songs on Move Along came out pretty easily. They all came in the right time frame and we were able to put them all together and knock that record out pretty effortlessly," Kennerty told Alternative Addiction in a recent interview.  "This one did take a little bit of time, and there was more doubt put upon ourselves."

He said that band got so frustrated at times that they took complete breaks from recording to write more material. "There were definitely a few writing sabbaticals. There was one point where we stopped recording to come up with more songs, [and] we just had to keep working until we were happy," Kennerty went on to say.  "There was a lot of sitting back in the studio and listening and asking [ourselves], is this any good?  At the end of the day, I think we are pretty stoked about how this turned out."

One change for the band this time around was working with producer Eric Valentine.They had previously worked with Howard Benson. "His approach is vastly different than Howard's," explained Kennerty.  "Where Howard had a team of people to help so he didn't have to be there all the time, Eric was the exact opposite, and pretty much ran solo.  We needed someone there to guide us a little bit and he was great at that."

The album's first single, a song called 'Gives You Hell,' is a prime example of the changes that Valentine brought to the band. "It's a pretty different song than we've ever done," says Kennerty of the single.  "We've gotten some negative reviews from fans, but you take it as it comes.  Even though there are those core fans that might not be crazy about it, there's a whole bunch of new fans we might pick up.  That's always the goal, to grow musically and pick up new fans."

Despite the negative reviews, the song has gotten a great response on radio and seems to be quickly climbing the charts.  According to Kennerty, another noteworthy song on the album is the track 'Another Heart Calls.'

"We have our first guest on the record, which is a duet we do with two girls from a group called The Pierces," says Kennerty of the track featuring guest appearances by Catherine and Allison Pierce.  "It's a very moving performance and I think it will get a lot of people teary eyed."

When The World Comes Down is due out in stores on December 16th. The band is playing a number of small club shows to gear up for the album release.  They're expected to play a full tour in 2009, including dates in Europe.

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