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All-American Rejects Enjoying Success

It may have taken four months for All-American Rejects' last single "Gives You Hell" to climb to the top of the Top 40 charts, but according to guitarist Mike Kennerty, he hopes that the band's new single "The Wind Blows" will find the same slow building success.

Like most of All-American Rejects’ singles, the band’s latest single ‘Gives You Hell’ took nearly four months to catch on, but the slow rise of the song has helped it remain atop of the charts for four weeks and counting.

The building success of the song is nothing new for the band, who experienced a similar situation with the lead off single from the band’s last record.

“It’s funny, because that seems to be the protocol with us,” All-American Rejects’ guitarist Mike Kennerty told Alternative Addiction.  “With ‘Dirty Little Secret’ it took like seven months for it to become a hit and it [seems[ like every single is an up hill battle for us, but its always worth the effort.”

“Gives You Hell” is no exception, with its current run at #1 on the Top 40 charts, it has now become the band’s most popular song to date, something that Kennerty says the band never expected.

“I don’t think any of us expected to still be a band after sever years, let alone achieving new goals, it’s a great feeling.”

The success of the song, from the band’s 2008 release When The World Comes Down, shows the fruits of the band’s labor making the record.

“It was definitely the longest and most stressful writing process we have ever had,” Kennerty said.  “We’re very proud of it, we feel like it’s the best collection of songs we’ve done so far.”

Along with touring overseas and the band’s first ever trip to China later this year, All-American Rejects are preparing to release the next single from their album to radio next month.

“We chose the song “The Wind Blows” and we are really excited about it, we’re going to be shooting a video for it in about 3 days.  Hopefully it will do as well as ‘Gives You Hell’ has.”

The song is a slower building, more lyrically serious track that may not have the same direct appeal as the band’s previous hits, but if the past is any indication, perhaps four or five months from now All-American Rejects will have yet another monster hit single on their hands.

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