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AA Premiere - Monroe's Streetlight EP


Today, rising act Monroe releases their Streetlight EP. Listen to the debut here.

We’re proud to help premiere the debut EP Streetlight from rising act Monroe.

Formed by singer/saxophonist Matt Berman, Monroe unites a group of musicians with extensive touring backgrounds, including members who have played with Lauryn Hill and Augustana. Berman himself played saxophone and keys as part of Brandon Flowers’ (The Killers) band on his recent world tour and has worked in the studio with artists on Snoop Dogg and Kanye West’s labels.

About the new EP, Berman said:

"This EP is the long-awaited premiere of Monroe. I wrote this over a span of 2 years and I'm really excited to get to finally bring you into my world and share with you the world of Monroe."

Listen to the Streetlight EP from Monroe below and be sure to listen on Apple Music, Spotify, or wherever you get your fix there too.

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