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AA Indie Song of the Day - The Grey Agents - "She's Everything To Me"


The Indie Song of the Day comes from West Virginia act The Grey Agents.

So, today's Indie Song of the Day is a tad unorthodox but it's worth highlighting because this five piece band has an awesome spirit. The Grey Agents - from West Virginia - are a group of older guys who play some badass rock music. Listen to their song, "She's Everything to Me."

The guys, who tour around regionally in the West Virginia are, just released their album The Last Generation and it's out and available now.

From the band's bio:

The lyrics are influenced by the world around us, with songs about high school misfits, a nation where wealth and fame are overvalued, and how today’s adults may not care about the world they leave for future generations. There’s even a song about a 1930’s serial killer. There are songs about acceptance of those different than yourself and how generations disagree.

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