AA Indie Song of the Day - ScttWlkr "Sleep Cycle Cyanide"


Today’s Indie Song of the Day comes Alaska-based acoustic singer/songwriter ScttWlkr.

Today’s Indie Song of the Day comes from the foreign soil of… Alaska. We love Alaska. If not for it’s terrifying collection of bears, for it’s beauty. We’ve got another reason to love our 50th state – and that’s acoustic singer/songwriter ScttWlkr.

ScttWlkr just released his latest single, “Sleep Cycle Cyanide” and you can listen through the song and instantly connect with his raspy but powerful voice and his soulful vocal. Talking about the inspiration behind the song, ScttWlkr says:

"I wanted to capture the feeling of sadness, and write a song that could be felt and related to by anyone who has ever been through a rough patch in relationships. Whether it be family, friends or significant others."

Listen to the song below and be sure to add it to your Apple Music and Spotify playlists.

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