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AA Indie Song of the day - Salinger "Backseat Serenade"


Today’s Indie song of the Day comes from the indie rock duo Salinger.

Today’s Indie song of the Day comes from the two wiseasses in Salinger. The two heads behind the music are Sean Burke and Bradford Barker. The song is coming from their new EP “Zoey’s Cabaret” and it’s called “Backseat Serenade.”

About the EP, Sean wrote this:

“This is an assortment of songs spanning two years and several heartbreaks. There truly is something for everyone here - a saccharine piano ballad about religious sectarianism, an electro-pop lament of a lost love, an emo song swiped from the Elliott Smith collection, and a modern rock banger (heh) compliments of Brad. Four songs, about 12 minutes. I don't think a second of it is wasted. We emptied our coffers into this, and we hope you'll saunter your way to Zoe's Cabaret.”

Listen to “Backseat Serenade” from Salinger below:

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