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AA Indie Song of the Day - Claudio Soto - "Mines of Gold"


Claudio Soto is a solo artist from New York.

Claudio Soto is a solo artist from New York. He plays analog-inspired rock music with his own distinct flair. He just finished his debut solo album.

The song we’re featuring from the release is called “Mines of Gold” and it’s Soto’s style mixed with Dinosaur Jr. the song is featured on his new album, Once.

Soto’s high and so sweet vocal is featured prominently on the song and the album and he has his own style of songwriting.

“I’ve been into music all my life and today I write songs more than ever. I get excited when I write a tune that I like. It seems a natural way of expression to me. and I am not planning to stop.”, Says Soto.
It’s a good thing, because we like what we’re hearing so far. Check out “Mines of Gold” from Claudio Soto below:

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